Russian Federation - 2014/2015

Catalog # T1000-22183

Enjoy the most accurate driving instructions while driving in Russia.

Improve the performance of your Jaguar MMM2 navigation system with this Jaguar Sat Nav map update, covering 1,099,394 kilometers of road in Russia.

Benefit from updated road data including new motorway junctions, trunk roads and roundabouts  as well as adjusted speed limits and turn restrictions. These features are considered by your Jaguar navigation system to ensure accurate route planning according to your preferences.

The latest POI database will enhance your navigation driving experience. In this Jaguar map update 468,697  Points Of Interest are covered. These include petrol station, airports, restaurants and parking facilities.

This navigation product includes 1 DVD with the latest GPS map for your Jaguar vehicle.

This HERE map is compatible with the following Jaguar Sat Nav: MMM2.

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