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How to retrieve my activation key for my map update?

Thank you for purchasing your map update for your CITROEN vehicle.
The latest vehicles fitted with eMyWay (RT6) and Touch Screen navigation systems are equipped with protection intended to protect the use of HERE Maps® map data. You will be asked to enter a unique activation key when installing the map.

Depending on the product type, different steps will have to be followed.

1. You bought a download product

You will be guided through the activation process.

Once you have confirmed your order, you will have to add a vehicle in your vehicle list, to unlock the map for this vehicle. Click on “activate and download”.

You can enter your VIN, your vehicle name, model and year. If you do not have your VIN nearby, no worries. You can enter this information later, when you have your car V5C documents at disposal. You can find more information on how to find your VIN in the FAQ section.

Once you know your VIN, you can access the activation page by login in your account, go in “order history” and then click on your download product order number. Click on “activate and download”.

You will be redirected to the vehicle management page, to assign your map update to a vehicle.
Once a new VIN is added, or a vehicle from your list is linked to this map update, you get your activation code.



The activation code will be valid for this vehicle only.

2. You bought a physical product (USB key, CD, DVD)

To generate the activation key, please have the following to hand:
- Your map update packaging, with the serial number (printed within the packaging).
- Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

1. Create an account or login in the Citroen webstore.


 2. In “My Account” page, click on the "Vehicle management" link.

3. Add a vehicle by entering its VIN, name, model and year, or select a vehicle from “My Vehicles” list.

Peugeot maps - vehicle english.jpg

4. Click the "+" icon near to the vehicle for which the activation key needs to be generated.

Peugeot Activation - assosciated english.jpg

5. Enter the Product Serial Number. This number can be found printed inside the pack below the USB key. Click on “Continue” to generate the activation key.

Peugeot gps - psn english.jpg

Peugeot maps - activation code.png

6. This activation key can be found at any time in the vehicle management section.