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With the latest maps on your Hyundai navigation system you can rest assured you’re on the right track wherever you’re headed. Maps are updated regularly to keep up with ever changing road networks that may help you to get to your destination quicker.

The Hyundai navigation system can also be easily updated to give you more benefits and functionality including additional languages and improved audio sound quality. It can also be synchronized with some compatible mobile phone handsets. For more details about navigation functions and features, refer to your Hyundai Velosteri40ix35, ix20 and Santa Fe navigation unit manual.

Inform Hyundai’s map supplier HERE about changes on the roads you drive and the POI’s you are interested in through the easy to use Map Creator. Millions of people everywhere help keep HERE’s maps fresh in by this method. With its user-friendly Web interface, you can pinpoint the exact location where a map change may be needed.





Multi-year update program

Hyundai is now offering a multi-year update program for all its navigation system



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See the features and benefits of navigation available on the Hyundai Veloster, i40, ix35, ix20 and Santa Fe.

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