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Why update your GPS maps?


Top 3 Reasons to Update Your GPS Maps

If you frequently use your GPS device to travel unfamiliar roads, then updating its map data every few months is probably a good idea.“But do I really NEED to update my GPS maps?”

Yes, you do. While it may seem like the task of updating — and perhaps paying for — map updates on your GPS device is unwarranted, there’s really no way around it. Last year alone, 105,721 kilometers of roads across Europe were added or enhanced in our map updates.

Keeping your GPS map data current with the latest construction, new businesses, renamed roads and other points of interest is just part of owning and using this evolving technology.

So, before you say you can do without map updates, take a good look at the top 3 reasons why you should update your maps:

Save time

If you’re like most people today, you lead a very busy life. If you have kids, that’s sure to be the case. Any delay in your daily schedule is always an unwelcome one because, chances are, every second of your life is scheduled against a time-sensitive plan. That’s why keeping your GPS updated is so important — you need to keep your life on track.

Regular map updates will minimize time-robbing events, such as not being able to find that new soccer field or not being able to locate your son’s orthodontist who recently moved to a new office, on a new street, in a new town. Not only that, but road construction will forever be part of our daily lives. Having the latest map updates means saving time by driving the “highlighted route” instead of getting stuck in traffic backups when you need to be somewhere else.

Save Fuel (& Money)

We’re all pinching pennies these days. And while it may seem unfair to fork over a wad of cash for a map update, keeping your GPS updated with the latest map data will most likely save you money in the long run. Using the most current maps will reduce – up to 20%* - your chances of wasting gas and driving in circles looking for that new road. And it will keep you from taking an unexpected — and gas-guzzling — detour when faced with road construction.

* HERE (formerly NAVTEQ Maps) Fuel Study (2009)

Overall Value of Your GPS Unit

Continual updates will help you realize the value of the original cost of your GPS device; and the cost to update will pay for itself with saved gas. In addition, regular updates will reduce the chance of unexpected surprises. So don’t tempt fate. Update your map at regular intervals so you can count on your GPS device to get you where you want to go.

Now are you convinced to update your GPS Map? Check out our available map updates.

With close to a million map changes across Europe in just one year, it’s easy to see why refreshing your GPS map data is way more convenient than putting up with the hassle of encountering outdated location information when you least expect it.

Map Changes at a glance:

(Q1 2012 compared to Q1 2013 data).

+ 517,725 POIs (Bank, Hotels, Restaurants …) + 22,841 One-Way Streets
+ 580,174 Street names + 35,026 Roundabouts
+ 2,226 Highways + 460,232 Turn restrictions

Check out our available map updates