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Gracenote® Update for Honda Audio System

To determine which Gracenote® database version is currently installed follow the steps


1. Make sure the audio/navigation system is turned on.

Press the Audio button on the audio/navigation unit.

Press the HDD button.

Move the Interface Dial down to select the Audio Menu.

Turn the Interface Dial knob to select HDD Setup.


2. Compare the version number in the vehicle with the latest version number listed above.

If the version numbers are the same, the vehicle has the most recent Gracenote® database.

If the version numbers are different, you can update the Gracenote® database.

The three-step process may take up to 90 minutes from start to completion, depending on your

computer and Internet connection. You may need to complete the steps at separate times.

Please select below to go to the appropriate section:

Step 1 – Download

Step 2 – Transfer

Step 3 – Installation


Step 1:
Download Steps:

1. Click on the link below to start your download (Estimated download time: 1 hour with DSL).


Gracenote® Update File (463MB)


Hint: If your browser does not automatically start the download process, be sure your browser or

security settings allow files to be downloaded from this Web site. You can also right-click the file

name and select "Save As" to start the download process.

2. Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, locate the file on your Hard-Disk Drive and

double-click the file to decompress it (i.e., to return it to its original size).

Hint: If you do not have a decompression program installed on your computer, you can download a

free trial copy of WinZip here


3. Make sure all of the following files from ZIP file have been downloaded and


CDDB (file folder)



The CDDB folder should contain the following files:







Do not remove any files from the CDDB folder. Files should be transferred to your vehicle in this format.



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Step 2:

Once all the files are decompressed you'll need to burn the CDDB file folder (containing the files shown in Step 1 above) and pamenipla.apn file to a blank CD or transfer them to a USB flash drive.

If you choose to use a CD, it must be a recordable CD-R or CD-RW.

To transfer the files to your CD or USB flash drive, do the following:

1.     Click on the "START" button in your computer's lower left-hand column and select "MY COMPUTER."

2.     Locate the CD or USB flash drive icon.

3.     Click on and drag the decompressed files listed above onto the CD or USB icon, which will start the transfer process. All of these files must be copied to the root of the CD or the USB flash drive and should not be copied into any folders.

Once this process is complete, you are now ready to install the Gracenote® file in your vehicle.

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Step 3:

Make sure your engine is running during the Gracenote® update installation. Do not run the

installation with the key in the ACC position as this may drain your battery.


Honda Gracenote® CDDB Database Update - Vehicle Installation Instructions:


1.     With your audio/navigation system turned on, insert the update CD into the drive or the USB flash drive into the USB port.

2.     Open the "Update Gracenote Info, Update" menu of your audio/navigation system. You can find the menu by pressing the "Audio" button on the audio/navigation unit. Then press the "HDD" button. Next, move the Interface Selector down to choose the "Audio Menu" and then turn the Interface Dial knob to select "HDD Setup." From the HDD Setup screen, turn the Interface Dial knob to select "Gracenote Info, Update" to begin the update.

3.     Select whether you are using a CD or USB flash drive to update the system

4.     The system will request confirmation that you want to update the database. Select "Yes."

5.     The system will perform the update and prompt you when the update is complete.

6.     Once this screen appears, press "OK." The update is now complete and the most recent files have been downloaded to your vehicle's Hard-Disk Drive.

You're done! Please remove the CD or USB flash drive. Your system is now ready to be used.


If you encounter issues during the update process, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

If you pushed the "disc eject" button during the update, you must restart the update process from
the beginning.

The system won't allow installation of an old version of the Gracenote® database. Refer to the FAQ page for instructions on how to check the installed database version in your vehicle.

If your vehicle includes a Rear Seat Entertainment System, the disc may not be loaded in the correct CD slot. Ensure that the Gracenote® update disc is inserted in the upper CD slot.

The system may not be able to read your CD or USB. The CD you burn must be in one of the following formats in Mode 1 / Mode 2 : ISO9660 level2, Joliet, or Romeo.

The file may have been corrupted during the file decompression process. The file may have been corrupted during the file decompression process. Repeat the process to decompress the file and burn the CD or USB and try again.

Please refer to the FAQs for your vehicle model for additional information on troubleshooting, or contact your Authorised Honda Dealer.