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Step-by-step guide to updating maps.

Here we show you step by step how to download the new map material for your Volkswagen Discover Pro and import it into the navigation system.


  • 1. You need an SD card with at least 32 GB of memory to update your navigation data. Volkswagen recommends using a class 10/SDHC card, which is widely available from retailers.

  • 2. If using the Windows operating system, you will need a file extractor program, such as 7-Zip. This particular program can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. If using a different operating system, you will need a program for extracting the downloaded files that supports the .7z file format.

  • 3. The map material may take up over 17 GB of memory, meaning you must have at least this much space free on your computer’s hard drive. Your computer’s hard drive must be NTFS-formatted to handle such large files. This is the standard system used on newer computers. If you have an older computer, check the hard drive formatting by right-clicking on the hard drive icon in the Explorer and selecting “Properties”.

Step 1: Which version do I currently have installed and which version is available as an update?

1. You can check the current version of your map data in your Discover Pro system by pressing the “MENU” button. In the display, confirm the option “Setup” > “System information”.

VW - Set up.png

VW - System Info.png

2. Go to to check whether a newer version is available.

VW - Version Pro.png





Step 2: Downloading the new data


  1. 1. Visit the website, where the latest data is available to download.  Due to the large volume of data (currently approx. 17 GB), we recommend downloading it in several batches. However, not more than three concurrent downloads should be started. We recommend that use a download manager. You also have the option of downloading the data in a single file. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the download may take well over eight hours. All files are compressed in the .7z format.

  2. 2. Download all of the files for the new version and save them together in a new folder (e.g. “Map Update”) on your computer.

  3. 3. Slide the switch on the SD card into the “Unlock” position.

  4. 4. Insert the SD card into your computer’s SD card slot or external card reader.

  5. 5. Delete all data on the SD card or reformat the card. The procedure for doing this depends on the operating system: in Windows, navigate to the SD card drive, right-click on it and select “Format”. For other operating systems, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  6. 6. Open the first file in the folder on your computer with the downloaded data (extension .7z.001).

  7. 7. Extract the files to the SD card.

  8. 8. Once extraction is complete, remove the SD card from your computer or the card reader. Now slide the switch on the SD card down again into the “Lock” position.

  9. 9. There must be no other files on the SD card.




Step 3: Importing the data into the navigation system

1. Insert the SD card into one of the SD card slots of your Discover Pro system.

2. Select “Menu” > “Setup” > “Version information” > “Update software”. The data will now be copied to the navigation system’s internal hard drive.

VW - Set up.png

VW - System Info.png

VW - Update2.png

3. Follow the instructions on the display unit.

VW - Instructions2.png




Please note:

The ignition must remain switched on while copying is in progress. The navigation function is not available during copying. Due to the large volume of data involved and depending on the SD card used, this procedure can take up to 4 hours. Please make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged to complete the update (if the vehicle is parked, switch off any consumers that are not needed, e.g. lighting, fan, seat heating, etc.).
If necessary, connect a charger to the battery. Should the procedure be interrupted – if the engine is switched off, for example – copying will automatically resume at the point of interruption as soon as the ignition is switched on again.