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Europe - VDO Dayton PN 1000/2xxx/3000 SD card + backup DVD v.2011/2012

Catalog # T1000-17846

From Sweden to Spain, from Ireland to Slovakia, the road system that serves Europe is constantly developing and changing making accurate maps essential for anyone driving.


Enjoy driving with your new map update: more than 19.000 speed cameras registered all across Europe, such as: Great-Britain: 5722 - BNL: 3094 - Italy: 2495 - France : 1729 -  Poland :  1597.
Upgraded speed camera database included in this release:
- Improved camera classification: speed, red light, section control.
- On-the-ground verification by professional cartographers.
- Removal of inactive speed cameras."


*The following countries are excluded from the data base: Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland. As of June 2011 the French Government is re-evaluating legislation pertaining to various uses of speed camera data for France. Possible outcomes might be that such uses shall be restricted or forbidden at some point in the future.


MS 2010, MS 2110, PN 1000, PN 2050, PN 3000, NaviMaster, NaviMaster XL


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€ 99.00