IMPORTANT: Activate your 2013 map update by April 31st, 2014
Congratulations on taking the first step in activating your COMPLIMENTARY 2013 MAP UPDATE
To get started, simply follow these REVISED step-by-step instructions:
  1. Click the “ACTIVATE NOW” button, and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Click “CONTINUE.”
  2. Once your VIN is accepted, you will reach the shopping cart page.
  3. Click the “ENTER PROMO CODE” link located above the “CHECKOUT” button (please note, the “ENTER PROMO CODE” link is in very small font above the “CHECKOUT” button). Enter your single use coupon code. The coupon code is case sensitive and please remember to include the dashes (-). Then click “APPLY.”
  4. Please verify your subtotal is $0.00 and then click the “CHECKOUT” button.
  5. Then you will arrive at the checkout page, asking for billing and shipping information. Please fill out required fields (note that you will not be charged and nothing will be shipped since you already have the disc).
  6. The payment summary page will show a total of $0.00. Click the “PURCHASE” button to continue.
  7. The activation code will be provided on the order confirmation screen, it will also be emailed to the registered email address. Take this activation code and the software update discs with you to your vehicle.YOU MUST HAVE THE SOFTWARE UPDATE DISCS AND ACTIVATION CODE IN HAND TO PROCEED.
  8. To install the update, follow the instructions that are included with the map update package (software update first, then map update)


Act by April 31st 2014 to take advantage of your COMPLIMENTARY map update.

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Your navigation system is designed to:

  • Show you the optimal routes to your destination
  • Save you time and fuel costs
  • Help minimize wear and tear on your vehicle

    With the help of an updated map, your navigation system will continue to operate as efficiently as possible.