Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need to buy a new map update?
The road network is constantly changing which is why HERE maps are updated on a regular basis. Each new map update includes a wealth of information including new and updated road networks and thousands of Points of Interest - from petrol stations to airports and from casinos to wineries. With a new map release you can be comfortable that you have the latest information available for your Volvo Navigation System, providing you with a better travel experience whether on business or leisure.

How often are new map updates released?
Updates are available, approximately once a year.

Is my Map HDD, CD, or DVD compatible with other vehicles or navigation systems?
Navigation systems operate on proprietary format software meaning that the map HDD, CD or DVD that is in your navigation system will only be read by that system. This will also be the case for the map updates. This is why we provide a drop down menu system on-line to identify your vehicle model and model year.

The map that I was supplied does not contain a road that I know exists.
We make every effort to provide map data that is up-to-date by employing over 500 field analysts within 133 offices throughout the world. However, it is inherent to the effort of trying to model an ever changing reality that there is a lapse of time and that not all changes can be captured, despite all these efforts We also appreciate drivers who take the time to tell us of things that we might need to make a change. You can do this through our Map Reporter site.

What are the benefits of navigation?
Studies have shown that vehicles with navigation systems use 12% less fuel than those without, saving you ā‚¬425 annually. By taking more efficient routes, drivers with up-to-date navigation systems reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 21%*
*HERE Navigation Benefits Study (2009)

How was the HERE Fuel Savings Study carried out?
The study was conducted in two metropolitan areas of Germany in 2009 –Dusseldorf and Munich Germany – which were chosen for their complex road network and early adoption of navigation systems. Participants were divided into three groups: those who received and used a navigation system with real-time traffic information, those who received and used a navigation system without real-time traffic information, and those who did not receive a navigation system. All participants’ cars were fitted with a logging device which was used to track the routes they drove and their driving speeds. Results found that reduced trips times and lengths increased after 1) the initial “learning curve” associated with the devices was achieved, 2) during peak travel periods when congestion was highest (7:00 AM –8:59 AM; 4:00 PM –6:59 PM), 3) during less routine trips (i.e., when traveling routes other than they customarily travel), 4) with the inclusion of real-time traffic. The study results reflect more than 2,100 individual trips, over 20,000 kilometers of driving and almost 500 hours of driving time.

What delivery method is used for my map and how long does it take?
Please consult your local dealer who will be able to provide further information.

How do I obtain technical advice about my Navigation System?
Please contact your local dealer who will be able to provide further information.

How do I obtain additional information about my Volvo Navigation System maps?
Please contact your local dealer who will be able to provide further information.

What do I do if I wish to return the map that I have purchased?
Please contact your local dealer who will be able to provide further information.

How can I purchase a replacement map?
Replacement CD or DVD maps are only available for the latest model year. If you have lost or damaged your map and wish to purchase a replacement, the latest map version for your navigation system is available via your local Volvo dealer.

How do I find my VIN number?
The vehicle Identification number (VIN) is a number that uniquely identifies your vehicle. It is assigned at the factory by the vehicle manufacturer. The VIN is mentioned on the vehicle registration papers under the section marked ā€œEā€. Note: the VIN is normally found behind the front wind shield of certain vehicle models as well.