Why Update Your Navigation System Map?


Improve Your Navigation System's Accuracy

Map updates come packed with the latest data including:*

  • New Roads

    197,167 miles of new roads

  • Speed Limits

    136,629 new speed limits

  • Points of Interest

    390,435 points of interests

  • Street Names

    1,204,219 street names

Fresh road data improves your navigation system's routing, keeping you on course and on time. The latest speed limits allow for more accurate travel time estimates and new points of interest help you find the services you need, whether driving around town or far from home.

Enhanced features provide a better driving experience

Beyond basic routing, your navigation system offers a variety of features that enhance your driving experience. Updating your map optimizes features such as:**

  • 3D Landmarks

    Seeing 3D Landmarks on your map creates a clear visual connection to the real world. This is especially helpful for urban navigation

  • Lane Guidance

    Lane Guidance ensures that you are always in the right place when approaching exits, road mergers, an complex interchanges

Another Day, Another Reason to Use Your Navigation System

Your navigation system is essential to all types of driving. Here are some everyday benefits that are further improved when you update your map:

  • Avoid Traffic

    Enjoy a less stressful commute by using your navigation system to identify the best alternate routes

  • Road Arrows

    Fresh road data means access to efficient routes that can help reduce fuel costs as well as vehicle wear and tear

  • Drive Without Restrictions

    New turn restrictions, one-way streets, and other signage won't take you off course when you update your map

Embedded Navigation: Ready When You Are

Whether you start your vehicle by turning a key or pressing a button, your embedded navigation system is ready to go. No need to attach cables or mounts. You don't have to worry about data usage. And with a large screen and voice activation, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Add fresh data to the mix and you've got the ideal navigation experience. Update your navigation system map today and drive with confidence.

* Data points above represent the average across all map updates. Exact data is available on each product page.

** Available features vary by navigation system. Enhancements to these features also vary by map update.